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Wheels of a Soul

Osta tämä
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In this amazing groundbreaking book, Rav Berg blazes the kabbalistic trail through the uncharted terrain of birth, death, and life after death. He guides us from our familiar world of human suffering to a startling new view of the laws of reincarnation, leading us to a deeper, more intuitive awareness of problem solving. Rav Berg takes us to that level of consciousness where the causes of our physical, emotional and mental afflictions are burned. He gives us a wealth of detail on the cosmic process and the evolution of global incarnation.

Wheels of a soul is the first book to answer the often asked questions about extraterrestial intelligence from outer space.

Rav Berg, a renowned contemporary kabbalist, wrote with authority and clarity about concepts that many of us have never considered. Wheels of a Soul takes a giant step forward by articulating a new image of ourselves and clarifying for us the reason for our existence.