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To The Power Of ONE

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In this compendium of science and spirituality, Rav Berg explains that there is a continuous interplay and mutual influence between our celestial cosmic world and our world of inner reality. Everything in the universe is but one living breathing organism.

He crystallizes a radical approach so that we can all become aware of the unseen powers that affect our lives. Physical objects and thoughts pertaining to the present moment generally engage our attention but metaphysical influences affect our thoughts and behavior without the benefit of our conscious evaluation.

To the Power of One offers an opportunity for us to become increasingly aware of unseen influences. It provides a comprehension of the universe that lies beyond the range of observation in the non-space domain, including topics such as time travel.

The basic framework of this book is directed toward strengthening the connections between mind-body, thought and cosmos. The kabbalistic teachings can help us learn to exercise control over our environment, and understand the awesome power of nature.

The idea of mastering our destiny is directly linked to mastering our universe and universal activity. If we could only learn to cooperate with the strings of the universe and the steadfast onward movement of evolution instead of resisting it, our spiritual growth would blossom. It is our birthright, as humanity, to achieve the paradise beyond the horizon that we all so intensely crave.