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Spiritual Rules of Engagement

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Written for the spiritually-minded woman, The Spiritual Rules of Engagement, describes how Kabbalah views relationships and what makes them work (or not work); and reveals that it is the woman who holds the power to determine the outcome. This book explains the spiritual reasons behind the different ways that men and women think and act in a relationship.

Although it is not a book of dating tips, its rules do work. They have to work: They are the Laws of the Universe. You will learn about the Law of Attraction (Like attracts Like), and about the Vessel and the Light and their respective roles. You will find the true meaning of the term "soul mate," and why it is that your soul mate has to find you, not the other way around (which, by the way, does not mean that you just sit back and wait passively for him to show up). You will lean that the power inherent in being a woman is what drives the entire process.

In his usual personal and, yes, engaging style, Yehuda Berg shows you how to attract your mate, once you understand the basics and are willing to do the spiritual work. The guidelines in this book are more than just rules of engagement, they are rules for creating a happier, more fulfilling life - and attaining true "wedded bliss."