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Life Rules

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You're a teen. Pretty easy, right? All you've got is social pressure, academic pressure, family pressure, athletic pressure, financial pressure, romantic pressure, and pressure from the thing your biology teacher calls hormones.

And now we want to talk to you about spirituality?

Hang in there. This book isn't one more thing to feel pressured by. In fact, this book is about finding the pressure relief valve that's already built into your soul. And discovering how in the thick of suffering, or what may seem like suffering, you can find never-ending happiness and unlimited joy.

In Life Rules, Yehuda Berg distills the wisdom of Kabbalah into 13 steps that help you shift from being reactive (that's letting life do it to you) to being proactive (that's you doing it to life).

It's about embracing a spiritual path, but that's different from a religious path. Very different. You won't be shaving your head, giving up parties, or turning in your iPod. What you will be encouraging to do is jump even deeper into life: the fun, the scary, the comfortable, the unconfortable, all of it. And embrace it.

Your natural state of being is what Kabbalists call Light-filled - and through Kabbalistic teachings made easy, personal experiences, and chapter exercises, Life Rules will gently challenge you to build your consciousness that will bring you back to this Light. When you do, you will tap into all the mind-blowing abundance and contentment you desire.