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Kabbalistic Astrology - And the Meaning of Our Lives

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Life is a cosmic road trip. Wouldn't it be nice if someone could hand you a map when you start out to help you drive around all the trouble spots?

Weel, there is just such a map; one that clearly identifies the sort of choices you've made before and suggests alternate routes for this particular trip. Kabbalah reveals that it's all right there in the genetic code of our souls, otherwise known as our astrological chart.

Kabbalistic Astrology is much more than a book of "horoscopes." It is a tool for grasping your individual nature at the deepest and most spiritually significant level, as well as a practical guide for putting that knowledge to use in the real worls.

In this groundbreaking roadmap, you'll learn:

  • About the blueprint of a human soul and its spiritual evolution
  • How free will affects your destiny
  • How you, yourself, chose the obstacles in your life
  • How to avoid the roadblocks and detours that slow your spiritual progress
  • What challenges you faced in your previous incarnations, and why you still need to overcome them
  • What the creation of the universe can teach you about creating a richer life
  • How the unique energy of each lunar month affects your individual life

With this book, you'll discover why Kabbalah is the seed of spiritual wisdom and the most powerful source of astrological knowledge, as well as how to start using this knowledge to improve your life today!