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God Does Not Create Miracles - You Do!

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Stop "waiting for a miracle"... and start making miracles happen!

If you think miracles are one-in-a-million "acts of God," this book will open your eyes and revolutionize your life, starting today! In God Does Not Create Miracles, Yehuda Berg gives you the tools to break free of whatever is standing between you and the complete happiness and fullfillment that is your real destiny.

You'll learn why entering the realm of miracles isn't a matter of waiting for a supernatural force to intervene on your behalf. It is about taking action now - using the powerful, practical tools of Kabbalah that Yehuda Berg has brought to the world in his international best sellers The Power of Kabbalah and The 72 Names of God. Now Yehuda reveals the most astonishing secret of all: the actual formula for creating a connection with the true source of miracles that lies only within yourself.

Discover the Technology for the Soul that really makes miracles happen - and unleash that power to create exactly the life you want and deserve!