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NANO: Technology of Mind over Matter

maaliskuu 5 @ 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Based on Rav Berg’s revolutionary teachings in the book “Nanotechnology.” While the kabbalists have been talking about these concepts for years, Rav Berg’s teachings bridge the gap between science and Kabbalah. Beyond the coding of our DNA, the key to creating the life we want is located in the makeup of our own atoms. Tap into Rav Berg’s greatest revelation; uncover the secrets to better health, relationships, and career. Learn how to achieve longevity and wellness by harnessing and redirecting your energy through Nanotechnology.

CLASS 2: The Promise of Nanotechnology
 What is the connection between Kabbalah and Nanotechnology.
– What is Nano?
– Secret of the Atoms
– Rav Berg and his Teacher

CLASS 3: The Origins of Atom and Adam

– How it all started
– The birth of consciousness
– The source of the Big Bang
– Inheriting divine DNA

CLASS 4: The Structure of Everything (pgs. 59-81)
– The birth of the Atom
– Science vs. Spirituality
– Reactive behavior and the meaning of life
– The power of resisting our nature

CLASS 5: Greed and the Law of Attraction (pgs. 85-103)
– When can greed be good?
– Settling for less
– Not giving up

CLASS 6: Consciousness and the Cause of Death (pgs. 107-112)
– The cause of death
– Definition of sharing
– Reconnecting to the source of energy
– Workshop: Quality vs. Quantity?


The following 5 lectures will be LIVE ONLINE on Tuesdays at 20:00,

beginning on the 5th March 2019

84 eur for participants of the live Nano lecture (the full course price is 99 eur)

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maaliskuu 5
8:00 pm - 9:00 pm